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Kivvi story

Kivvi products are “decorated” with strings of beads made of berries from forests and gardens of Latvia – bilberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, cranberries, rowanberries, sea buckthorn berries, lingonberries, chokeberries, bearberries and more. Berries are beautiful wonders of nature which contain the essence of life – abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and yes – even joy!

Kivvi cosmetics is made in Latvia where people can take delight in four wonderful seasons – feel the touch of spring and awakening of nature wrapped in the scent of apple blossoms, pick aromatic wild strawberries in meadows in a misty summer morning, refresh ourselves with cranberries found in the marsh on a serene autumn day, and enjoy flowers made by frost on window panes at winter night.

Berries from the forests of Baltic are the base of each Kivvi brand product. They have soaked up the power of our earth – the treasure which can give your skin incredibly much and exotic and unusual precious kiwi.

Investigating wisdom of our ancestorsa nd following up-to-date scientific discoveries Kivvi Cosmetics team develops products which are meant not only for skin care. We make our products not only by hands but also put all our hearts into the whole process. We want our custmers to feel we care and want to share with them feeling of peace, harmony and wellbeing. Our product line are created for people to find a moment in daily rush for special morning and evening skin routine. It is time only for yourself, to show your own love and care.

What makes Kivvi Organic Cosmetics creams different from other brands?


  • Kivvi Organic Cosmetics product formulas have been specifically developed using organic, biodynamical and certified ingredients with consideration of the properties of our skin. They have been developed so that the product would have a synergetic effect. 
  • All products contain kiwi fruit extract, the unusually rich content of which has been correctly balanced according to scientific findings. The latest studies of kiwi seed oil have labelled it as one of the most valuable and effective cosmetic ingredients. It has antioxidant and anti-ageing effects, it restores skin cells and moistures the skin. 
  • The composition of Kivvi is such that the facial cream would perform several functions instead of just one. Kivvi creams moisturise, nurture and calm the skin; they preserve the natural skin moisture level; they facilitate skin cell renovation; they diminish the first signs of skin ageing; the creams have an anti-inflammatory effect. 
  • Kivvi Organic Cosmetics creams mean skincare from A to Z. Thanks to Kivvi Organic Cosmetics creams,one cream is enoughfor you to prevent different skin problems. 
  • Kivvi Organic Cosmetics face creams do not contain alcohol.
  • Kivvi Organic Cosmetics uses a mild preservative from essential oil extracts that prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  • Kivvi Organic Cosmetics does not use artificial colouring, preservatives, fragrances, mineral substances, oil refinery products or toxic substances.
  • All Kivvi Organic Cosmetics products are handmade and are produced in small quantities so that you may always have freshly made and quality products. 
  • Kivvi Organic Cosmetics products are suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.